Friday, November 30, 2012

Kentucky Camp, an Old Mining Town, Sonoita Arizona

Thursday our adventure was a visit to Kentucky camp, located about an hours drive from the RV Park.
The sign located at the middle of the buildings, told the story of the water source, and the purpose of the buildings.  There is a trail along the ditch to the start of the water system eight miles away, and we will save this hike for another day.
The ruins of the old barn, and a truck chassis.  Lloyd framing a picture to the right, and the rest of the group in the center.
This is the front of the Hotel/Office building.  The roof has been replaced, and the porch has been rebuilt to preserve the building.  The walls are adobe brick, and as all of these buildings, the little rocks and twigs that were added to the mix are exposed all along the walls.
This wide picture is taken on the far corner of the Office building, with Linda and Steve walking down the covered porch.
Anne-Marie, Lloyd, Bill and Steve are studying the water monitor, that was moved here for display.  The box of rocks was used for balance to keep the monitor on target.  Eight miles of water lines and ditches, and this would squirt over 100 feet, and blast the hillside away, into a slushy gravel muck, to processed out the gold.
The wide view showing the Office building and the Assay building on the right.
The cabin on the right has been restored to a livable state, and the Forest Service rents it out for $75.00 a night, and it is presently occupied.  Lloyd is close to the last adobe cabin, and it was closed to visitors.  I walked around the building, and next to the rock wall, on the back side of the cabin, I was startled by a loud angry “Hissss”.  I froze, looked down and saw nothing, and moved closer to the building, and looked for the source.  I couldn’t see any snake, tortoise, or Gila Monster lizard, that might have made such a loud sound, and I even picked up small rocks to throw against the rock wall, and still no more sound.  I dashed around the cabin and alerted the remaining three of our group, and they all seemed a bit disinterested, looked and then walked on.  I left the rock wall not knowing what caused the terrifying “hisss”, but happy that maybe I didn’t really want to know.

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  1. Grace is wondering why you're not at the Grace Canyon? She has been learning a lot about it and knows it's in Arizona. :) She might mention it next time she talks to you!